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Graphic Design
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Hello, I’m Nick,
User Experience and Interaction Designer based in Seattle. I find opportunities to understand, assist, shape, or change people's behavior.

I love smart scrappy research and prototyping to understand, developing ideas that spark conversations and push people to think and act differently.

I don't have the answers...users do. And it is my duty to bring those to life in a way that is widely adopted.

I have worked wide range of exploratory design work in areas from tech startup to social innovation for non-profits and from healthcare to culinary design. The more difficult a problem is and the more regulated industry it is a part of, the more rewarding the design challenge.

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As the story goes, first grader Nick Maschinski erased so many times trying to create the perfect lowercase “e” that his paper was filled with so many little holes, he couldn’t even finish.

Some things change and some things stay the same. The pursuit of perfection has followed me from grade school -where I thought I would become a Disney animation- to high school -where I bought my first Mac and discovered the Photoshop Shrink Wrap filter- to college at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

Looking back, it was blind luck that the A+D program there is heavily based in the Swiss design aesthetic. Over four years I studied under great professors such as: Dietmar Winkler, Jennifer Gunji, John Jennings, Robb Springfield and Alan Mette. Not knowing it at the time I had found the perfection I was looking for. A great design foundation was laid and I received a BFA in Graphic Design in the process.

Records for Life Contest - Grand Prize Winner
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
EAT School Lunch UX Challenge - Large Organization Recognition Award
U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA)
BFA, Graphic Design
University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign 2015
Board of Directors – Interactive Chair
AIGA Chicago 07.15 – Current
Sr. UX Designer
Amazon - 10.16 – Current
Interaction Design Lead
gravitytank - 12.15 – 09.16
Interaction Designer
gravitytank 02.13 – 12.15
Braintree Design 04.11 – 12.14
Adobe CC Suite 92%
Design Thinking 80%
Html/Css 75%
InVision, Marvel & Axure 70%

Work flow

Scope + Research

Define the problem and collect information.

Scope + Research
UX Design + Architect
UX Design + Architect

Brainstorm and diagram solutions.

Prototype + Iterate

Make to learn, test and repeat.

Prototype + Iterate
Design UI + Content
Design UI + Content

Flesh out visuals and copy according to brand.

Develop + Launch

Code and push live before starting the next round.

Develop + Launch



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